Wednesday, November 09, 2016

An Occult Board Game Leads to a Hellish Reality in Beyond the Gates

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A second, longer trailer has been released for Jackson Stewart's Beyond the Gates. The first was released by sales agent Jinga Films (linked below). The latest is being hosted at the IFC Films', Youtube page. IFC Films will distribute Beyond the Gates around the US, in theatres and on Video-on-demand. This retro' '80s horror feature stars: Barbara Crampton, Breat Grant, Chase Williamson and Graham Skipper. You can play a supernatural board game, now!

The film is a throwback. Looking at the days when VHS ruled, two brothers reunite over a funeral. Their father has died. But, his huge VHS and occult board game remain. They are sucked into an alternate reality, ruled by a sinister hostess, after playing the game. And, they must work together to set their father's soul free.

Beyond the Gates will release nationwide, in the US. IFC's Midnight division will handle this release. Specializing in the macabre, IFC Midnight continues to distribute darker, indie projects like this one. Horror fans can see this title, up on the big screen, in just a few weeks.

Release Date: December 9th, 2016 (VOD, Theatrical).

Director: Jackson Stewart.

Cast: Barbara Crampton, Sara Malakul Lane, Brea Grant, Justin Wellborn and Chase Williamson.

The film's official trailer.:

Source: Beyond the Gates at Jinga Films Trailer #1

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