Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Venus Lashes Out in this Goddess of Love "Liar" Clip

Terror Films has released a clip for the erotic thriller Goddess of Love. The clip, titled "Liar," shows the character Venus (Alexis Kendra) and the object of desire. Feeling rejected, she acts out her anger, in a destructive manner. Goddess of Love is a film from director Jon Knautz. Starring Alexis Kendra, Woody Naismith and Elizabeth Sandy, this title has been reviewed on 28DLA, here: A Goddess of Love Review on 28DLA. The "Liar" clip is hosted below.

The synopsis, from Terror Films, talks of an eccentric woman. She finds the man of her dreams. But, her dreams are soon squashed, when she is left for another. Venus stalks both characters as she seeks revenge, for the brutal break-up.

Goddess of Love will be available in October. On October 7th, this title will be hosted on many video platforms, including: Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, VUDU, XBox, Playstation and iTunes. Fans of thrillers can find more details on the release, below.

Release Date: October 7th, 2016 (VOD).

Director: Jon Knautz.

Writers: Alexis Kendra and Jon Knautz.

Cast: Alexis Kendra, Woody Naismith and Elizabeth Sandy.

The "Liar" clip is here:

*this title will be released as a non-rated version.

**a run-time of 93 minutes.

Goddess of Love at Terror Films:

Goddess of Love Release Details

Pre-orders are available at iTunes:

Goddess of Love at iTunes

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