Saturday, March 12, 2016

Have a Devil of a Time with this Trailer for Lucifer

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Anti-villain Media has released the first trailer for Lucifer. Developed from a short film, Lucifer involves a caretaker and author, in a remote home. The subject matter of her story causes all kings of haunted chaos. And, the film has been directed by Tiffany Castro, from Brent Trotter and Justin Kornmann's script. Ryan Kelley (“Teen Wolf”), Jessica Morris (“One Life to Live”), ex-con actor Dave Vescio (Hick), Tay Zonday and Jason Horton star. The film's teaser trailer is hosted here.

The trailer shows character Amiel (Monique Marie Gelineau) ascending a set of stairs, in a darkened home. A voice-over narrative talks about the devil's existence as Amiel approaches a closed door. What lies in the darkness?

Lucifer is expected to release this year. Slated for a Fall 2016 release, Lucifer will bring true supernatural terror to the big and small screens, later this year.

Release Date: Fall 2016.

Director: Tiffany Castro.

Writers: Brent Trotter and Justin Kornmann.

Producers: Justin Kormann, Paris McCoy, and Brent Trotter.

Cast: Ryan Kelley, Jessica Morris, Dave Vescio, Tay Zonday, Monique Marie Gelineau, Jason Horton, Dia Tequali, and Lynn Wanlass.

The film's first teaser:

More on the film is available at the Anti-villain media page:

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