Wednesday, February 03, 2016

No One is Laughing at this Prank in this Scare Campaign Trailer

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The Australian shot Scare Campaign has a longer trailer. The film's first teaser was released late in 2015. Since then, the film has had its World Premiere, at Monsterfest. The film is also slated for three more theatrical showings, including one where the film was shot - the Beechworth Lunatic Aslyum. The film stars Meegan Warner (The Veil), Ian Meadows and Olivia DeJonge. As well, the full theatrical trailer is available here.

The film's story begins with a television prank show. In order to stay ahead of their competition, the producers have had to go to new, bloody ends, in order to bring true scares to the screen. However, this time, they have gone too far. Their cast member has psychological problems and he is taking his psychopathic tendencies to new heights. Now, the cast is cutting his way through the film crew.

Scare Campaign is now on one horror fan's must-see lists. The film's trailer brings lots of dire situations as one man changes the direction of this reality show. Sometimes, pranks cut too close to home.

Release Date: March 2016.

Directors/writers: Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes.

Cast: Meegan Warner, Ian Meadows and Olivia DeJonge.

The film's official trailer is hosted here:

A fan page for the film is available here:

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