Friday, December 11, 2015

Special Powers and an Alien Presence with Sci-fi Thriller Rupture

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A few details are emerging for the sci-fi thriller Rupture. The film, starring Noomi Rapace and Peter Stormare, was presented at Cannes earlier this year. Now, the film is nearing completion. And, a film poster and synopsis have been released for Rupture. The film also stars Michael Chiklis and Lesley Manville. A preview for this mysterious thriller is hosted here.

Events in the story are not as they first appear to be. A single mother, Renee (Rapace), is kidnapped, by a group of strangers. Taken to a laboratory, she is told that she has a special ability - to rupture. Now, she is transforming into something much more sinister.

The film's first poster is slightly subdued. Renee looks skyward towards an alien presence, which is mentioned in the film's official synopsis. A still from the film, at the Ambi Distribution website, also shows Renee in an awkward position. Fans of sci-fi or of thrillers can find out more on this film, soon as Rupture completes the post-production process.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Steven Shainberg.

Writers: Brian Nelson and Steven Shainberg.

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Peter Stormare, Michael Chiklis and Lesley Manville.

*a trailer is coming soon.


The Ambi Distribution Website

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