Friday, December 04, 2015

Diggers Takes the Last Train to the Most Remote Station in this Trailer

The Russian language film Diggers has a new trailer. The film takes place beneath Moscow, in an old subway station and route. Here, a train has missed its stop and people have gone missing; a search party has gone in to rescue the missing passengers, but they have found something malevolent in the dark. Diggers is from director Tikhon Kornev (Mamy). And, the film stars Roman Evdokimov and Anna Vasilyeva. The exciting trailer for the film is hosted here.

The film looks similar to another, End of the Line (2007). Both films take place deep below ground. While it does not appear that there is a religious, doomsday cult in Diggers, both films feature a dangerous situation, in a confining subway tunnel. As well, a release date for Diggers is still forthcoming. But, it will be posted here, once announced.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Tikhon Kornev.

Cast: Roman Evdokimov, Anna Vasilyeva Alena Savastova, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Andrey Levin, Maria Schekaturova, Eugene Koryakovsky Dean Fan, Cyril Kobzarev and Valeria Shkirando.

The first trailer for Diggers is here:


Diggers at Twitch Film

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