Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Bloody Jug Band Raises the Dead with this Video for "Beautiful Corpse"

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The Bloody Jug Band has released a music video for their song "Beautiful Corpse." The video is heavily influenced by horror as a young mortician falls in love with a dead body; the results are disturbing. And, the clip stars LeeAnna Vamp ("Fiends Forever") and J. LaRose (Saw III & IV). The entire video is available below, with the band's latest album, "Rope Burn," already released.

The Bloody Jug Band hails from Orlando, Florida. Their musical influences include Jug music, from the '20s and '30s. They continue to use authentic instruments from this period. And, listeners can hear the Southern influences in their latest release. Fans of horror and of music can watch their latest below.

Director: Steven Shea.

Producers: Randy Molnar & Melissa Gruver.

Camera Operator: Chris McDaniel.

The music video, for "Beautiful Corpse," is here:

A fan page for the film is available here:

The Bloody Jug Band on Facebook

The band's homepage is available here:

The Bloody Jug Band Official Website

Their album is out now!

The Bloody Jug Band's "Rope Burn"

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