Sunday, April 05, 2015

A Serial Killing Polar Bear Lays Waste to Photographers and Models in this Trailer for Unnatural

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Unnatural is a creature feature from director Hank Braxton (Chemical Peel). The film deals with a genetically altered polar bear, who now has a penchant for human flesh. The film stars Allegra Carpenter (Argo), Sherilyn Fenn and James Remar. The film's first trailer is hosted here.

The story takes place in Alaska. Here, a group of photographers and models are warned of a man-eating bear. Their warnings go unheeded. And soon, giant mandibles are tearing through flesh. This relentless eating machine will not be stopped, until local guides can intervene.

The trailer shows more of the film's story. Characters disappear beneath the ice, or their body parts are strewn across the local forest. Also, the bear has little fear of human, nor of buildings. It trespasses wherever a human meal can be found. The full trailer for Unnatural can be found below.

Director: Hank Braxtan.

Writers: Ron Carlson and Arch Stanton.

Cast: Allegra Carpenter, Sherilyn Fenn and James Remar.

The film's first trailer is here:

*the film is now completed and it will be distributed shortly, with sales handled by VMI Worldwide.


Unnatural at VMI Worldwide

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