Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Exciting Trailer for The Fear of the Darkness Debuts Here!

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The Fear of the Darkness is self-described as a thriller. Though, the film's first trailer shows elements of horror. The film, from award winning writer Christopher Fitchett, focuses on a young woman and an unfolding tragedy. Shot on the Gold Coast of Australia, the first trailer for the film shows the protagonist, Penelope (Skye Williams), dealing with strange visions. And, her hallucinations are contagious. As well, the film stars Christopher Sommers (Predestination) and Maeve Dermody. The film's first trailer is hosted here.

The story of the film is mostly a mystery. Although, Penelope survives a devastating kidnapping, which leaves two people missing. Penelope must spent time with a psychiatrist, who helps her unravel her memories. But, these thoughts reveal the presence of a malevolent being.

Also, The Fear of the Darkness will be distributed through multiple companies. Greenlight Films will help this title find theatres in Australia. In North America and international territories, Darclight will get the film out to several more regions. Fans of horror or of thrillers are invited to view the first clip from the film, with more to come soon.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Christopher Fitchett.

Writers: Christopher Fitchett and Henry Tefay.

Cast: Penelope Mitchell, Christopher Sommers and Maeve Dermody.

The first trailer for The Fear of the Darkness is available here:


The Fear of the Darkness at Dark Sky Films

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