Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Denizens of Hell Emerge in this Trailer for The Void

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A proof-of-concept trailer has been released for The Void. From directors Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie, the clip shows police officers dealing with all sorts of disturbing creatures. As well, the trailer is heavily laden with practical special effects. To shoot later this year, a preview of The Void is hosted here.

From the story, a small town police officer must deal with a horde of monstrous denizens of the depths. Worse than hell, this officer must push the creatures back to where they have come from, the Void!

The Void is currently in pre-production. Make-up and creature effects are being developed. Also, fans of horror can support the project, with The Void launching another Indiegogo campaign, which is found below.

Release Date: 2016.

Directed By: Steven Kostanski & Jeremy Gillespie

Cast: TBA.

The proof-of-concept trailer is available here:

The Indiegogo campaign is available here:

The Void at Indiegogo

A fan page is available here:

The Void on Facebook

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