Sunday, November 09, 2014

Playing With Dolls Brings a Murderer Together with Several Bloodied Victims

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IDIC Entertainment has released the first trailer for Playing with Dolls. The first clip shows a rampant killer, targeting women. Makeup effects and character designs are also shown in this one minute trailer. This title will be released through home entertainment formats. And, the film stars Richard Tyson (Ghost of Goodnight Lane), Charlie Glackin (Seekers), Natasha Blaskick and Alonna Forte. Horror fans can preview the film here.

From the story, a wealthy sadist breaks a serial killer out of jail. He provides this maniac with women to kill. Meanwhile, the orchestrator of this violence watches all of the bloody deeds, through several hidden cameras. Can anyone intervene?

As well, two stills from the film are hosted below. One photo shows a female character in a snow littered landscape, wearing white. Whites will likely turn to reds in this film. A second still shows the murderer with bloody body parts all around. A leg is tied to the left of the character, while a torso is grasped in his hand. These grisly images show the true horror that lies within Playing with Dolls!

Director: Rene Perez.

Cast: Natasha Blasick, Richard Tyson, Charlie Glackin, Alonna Forte, and Dave Lockhart

The first trailer for Playing with Dolls is here:


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Playing with Dolls at IDIC Ent.

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