Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Awaken - Check Your Kidneys and Run for Your Life! A Preview

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A few story details and a low resolution concept poster are available for Mark Atkins' film, Awaken. Atkins is a cinematographer and director, who is no stranger to horror (Knight of the Dead). His latest deals with an urban legend, the harvesting of human organs. And, the early graphic shows a hunter and an isolated island. As well, fans of film will recognize several of the film's stars, including: Edward Furlong, Daryl Hannah, Vinnie Jones, Jason London and veteran actor Michael Paré.

Story details are relegated to a few sentences. However, several strangers find themselves on an uninhabited island. Here, hunters track these people, hoping to score a kidney, a liver and even a heart. These organs will make a killing on the black market!

This title moved into post-production earlier this year. So, a trailer is likely to come this way shortly. As well, 7Heaven Productions and Archstone Pictures are producing this title. One of these companies will announce a release date, shortly.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Mark Atkins.

Writers: Mark Atkins, Natalie Burn, Scott Martin, Ryan Priest and Michael Thomas Slifkin.

Cast: Edward Furlong, Daryl Hannah, Vinnie Jones, David Keith, Robert Davi, Natalie Burn, Jason London and Michael Paré.

*a trailer is coming soon.


Awaken at the Film Catalogue

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