Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Director Gavin Michael Booth Begins Filming Vengeful Sorority Sisters in The Scarehouse

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Tagline: "Revenge is a bitch."

The Scarehouse is a new horror film from production companies Mimetic Entertainment and A Name Viking. Recently, this production began shooting in Ontario, Canada. And, the film stars Sarah Booth (Deadfall), Kimberly-Sue Murray (The Colony), Dani Barker and Jennifer Miller; Gavin Michael Booth is directing. This mostly female cast play sorority sisters on Devil's Night. Now, the film's first concept poster is here, along with a tagline: "Revenge is a bitch."

The Scarehousee will release later in 2014. D Films Corp will release the film in Canada, while NBC Universal will release this title in the United States. A trailer is coming soon and horror fans can find more cast and crew info below.

Release Date: Summer 2014.

Director: Gavin Michael Booth.

Writers: Gavin Michael Booth and Sarah Booth.

Cast: Sarah Booth, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Dani Barker, Jennifer Miller, Teagan Vincze, Emily Alatalo and Ivana Stojanovic.

*a trailer has not been released.


The Scarehouse at D Films Corp

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