Monday, February 24, 2014

Mem Ferda to Co-star in Jonnie Malachi's Thriller - Breakdown

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Actor Mem Ferda of The Devil's Double fame has signed onto Jonnie Malachi's film, Breakdown. This thriller involves a contract killer who is double-crossed by his vicious employers. Breakdown has already announced casting appearances from Craig Fairbrass (Rise of the Footsoldier), James Cosmo ("Game of Thrones"), Emmett Scanlan (The Fall), Olivia Grant and Tamer Hassan. This title is currently in the shooting phase and fans of thrillers can preview Breakdown here.

In the story, Fairbrass plays Alfie, the contract killer. Alfie is haunted by his violent past, which threatens to derail his current life. Forced to face his memories, Alfie will turn on his employers to find his freedom.

Ferda is pleased to announce his participation in this exciting title. Ferda is impressed with the script and with his well written character, Hakan: "I am thrilled to be a part of this highly charged and strong no nonsense thriller. Jonnie has written a real winner here." Ferda will play a brutal Turkish crime boss, who is central to the film's plot. More casting details will be announced on Breakdown as the film moves through its production schedule.

Release Date: TBA.

Director/writer: Jonnie Malachi.

Cast: James Cosmo, Craig Fairbrass, Bruce Payne, Tamer Hassan, Emmett Scanlan, Olivia Grant, Rab Affleck and
Mem Ferda.

*a trailer is coming soon.

**actor Mem Ferda will also star in two upcoming roles: The Gunfather and The Executioner.

The film's homepage is here (under construction):

Breakdown's Homepage

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