Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Blood Shed Contains Bodies and More Bodies!

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A new indie horror title is coming to home entertainment theatres. The film is Blood Shed. And, the film's first trailer shows several misfits, trapped in a self-storage facility. The film stars Bai Ling (The Crow), Vida Guerra and Bree Essrig. This title will release on home video formats March 4th, 2014.

The film's story involves a community of squatters. Each takes shelter in self-storage units, but a killer is looking for new, dead roommates and a missing child. Few will remain standing when the witching hour comes about.

This ghost story has a bloody trailer. The clip is hosted below and the reel introduces several of the film's characters. Horror fans can take a look below.

Release Date: March 4th, 2014.

Directors: Patrick Hasson and Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria.

Writer: Patrick Hasson.

Cast: Bai Ling, Vida Guerra, Bree Essrig, Cherie Daly and Jillisa Lynn.

The trailer for Blood Shed is here:

The film's fan page is here:

Blood Shed's Homepage


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