Friday, December 13, 2013

Search for Clues in this Clip for Open Grave

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Tribeca Films will distribute the post-apocalyptic thriller Open Grave. This title will release through video-on-demand formats on Christmas Eve and on DVD in January of 2014. The film stars Joseph Morgan (Immortals), Thomas Kretschmann (Stalingrad) and Sharlto Copley. And now, another film clip has been release for Open Grave.

The film itself involves a pit of bodies and amnesia. Six people manage to survive a mass killing, but they cannot remember who they are. These six strangers will have to work together to piece back their lives and to save themselves from a looming biological catastrophe.

The latest clip for the film highlights the character Nathan (Morgan). Nathan is searching a property for clues about his past and his current whereabouts. He finds someone he recognizes, but she is infected with a virus. Fans of thrillers can preview the film with the tense clip below.

Release Date: December 24th, 2013 (VOD) and January 3rd, 2014 (Theatrical).

Director: Gonzalo López-Gallego.

Writers: Chris Borey and Eddie Borey.

Cast: Joseph Morgan, Thomas Kretschmann, Sharlto Copley, Erin Richards, Josie Ho, and Max Wrottesley.

A movie clip for Open Grave is here:

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