Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There are More Screams than Whispers in this Second Trailer for Silent Retreat

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Tagline: "The only way to escape the silence is to scream."

Director Tricia Lee's (Clean Break) second horror feature is titled Silent Retreat. The film recently premiered at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Here, the film received some high praise. Now, Silent Retreat is searching for distribution at the American Film Market and a second trailer has recently been released for this feature.

The clip shows Janey (Chelsea Jenish) working in a rehabilitation program. The program involves meditation, so she must be quiet. But, something is lurking in the nearby woods and the camp counsellours are not shy about showing Janey what resides there.

Fans of horror can take a look at a second trailer for Silent Retreat below. This film has recently been picked up by a sales agent, Tombstone and distribution is surely not far away. For now, let your screams drown out Janey's in this second reel for Silent Retreat.

Director: Tricia Lee.

Writers: Corey Brown and Tricia Lee.

Cast: Chelsea Jenish, Sofia Banzhaf, Robert Nolan and Jen Pogue.

The trailer is here:

The film's fan page:

Silent Retreat on Facebook


Silent Retreat at Tombstone

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