Monday, November 25, 2013

The Governor Created Plenty of "Dead Weight" on "The Walking Dead:" A Television Review

Director: Jeremy Podeswa.

Writers: Robert Kirkman and Curtis Gwinn.

Cast: David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Audrey Marie Anderson and Alanna Masterson.

The Governor (David Morrissey) is out for blood once again on "The Walking Dead." The Governor struggles with some old ways and behaviours, before once again assuming a leadership position. Meanwhile, minor characters are dropping like flies, in the episode "Dead Weight." This villain and killer shows some very sociopathic tendencies as he does whatever is necessary to survive. Though, the Governor's methods do not leave much room for negotiation. In the end, "Dead Weight" brought a lot of conflict to the screen, with the Governor showing others who is boss.

This episode began with Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) rescuing the Governor from a pit. The Governor's rescuer is then clobbered with a golf club and put in the same pit to die. The Governor's old right hand man is soon torn apart. Another minor character, who assumes leadership of a shoddy looking RV camp, is also killed by the Governor and few escape his wrath. As well, another group of survivors is also gunned own (off screen) by this madman. Can anyone escape his sociopathic tendencies? Probably not, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group look to be next on the Governor's hit list.

The Governor was struggling with his previous loner ways and stepping into a new leadership position. At one point, the Governor says to Martinez that he has changed. But, that is a lie. The Governor also tries to leave the camp, so that he will not have to take this power position, but a group of muddy flesheaters block his way. There is no way out. So, the Governor slips right back into his old killing ways, a couple of scenes later. The Governor is trying to change; however, a killer lies in this man's core.

There is no other way to describe the Governor other than as a sociopath. He does not get along well with others. Though, sociopath has been updated in psychology, since this student graduated. Sociopaths are now labelled as having the more clinical Antisocial Personality Disorder. Basically, the Governor solves his problems through murder. It just seems strange that others do not forsee his murderous ways, or try to stop him from killing those in the group. He shows no remorse for those he kills. For instance, the Governor shows no emotion, when he looks at Pete's body. Does he feel anything for others? Outside of Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson) and her daughter, this viewer would say no.

What will the Governor do next? The mid-season break is coming up for "The Walking Dead." And, the previews for the upcoming episode "Too Far Gone" look to put the Governor on Rick and the other survivor's doorstep. The Governor will be looking for revenge from Michonne (Danai Gurira), after the loss of his eye in Seas. 3. But, events are rarely cut and dry on "The Walking Dead." Rick is unlikely to sacrifice anyone to the Governor, knowing his sadistic tendencies and the Governor is not one who backs down from a fight; he is usually the one who starts it. So, Rick and the Governor are sure to clash once again and this viewer would like to see this conflict settled. Otherwise, Seas. 3 is simply being repeated.

The final episode, "Too Far Gone," is set to air next week, before the break and it looks to be an action filled episode. The one here, "Dead Weight," offered a few surprises as the Governor took the crown and title of RV Park Champion from Martinez, with a few swift strokes. Others fell, while still more people were threatened. This episode showed that the Governor is back on top and ready to take his malevolent ways back to the prison. There will be only one man standing at the end of this renewed confrontation between Rick and the Governor. This viewer is assured of who will be the winner, but the journey to final victor will be an exciting and bloody one.

Overall: 8 out of 10 (another well written and tense episode, the Governor is a complex character who interestingly falls back into some old ways, most viewers will know who killed those campers in the woods - the Governor).

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