Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ryan Lightbourn's Body Horror Feature Sleepwalkers Debuts a Thrilling Trailer

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Tagline: “Hell is Empty. All the Devils are Here.”

Florida based director Ryan Lightbourn has completed several short films. His latest was the comical "Roid Rage" (2012). Now, Lightbourn has set his sights on completing his first feature and it is titled Sleepwalkers. Sleepwalkers takes place on Spring Break in the bayous of Florida's deep woods. Truly a creature feature, Sleepwalkers stars Ansley Gordon, Amanda Phillips, horror movie veteran J. LaRose (Insidious 2) and Dale DaBone. Fans of horror can view the film's first trailer here.

The story for Sleepwalkers involves five friends on vacation. They choose the wrong place to go camping. Soon, creatures emerge from Florida's murky swamps and these monsters turn: Kyle (Ben Evans), Kate (Gordon), Amy (Phillips), Owen (Ben Owen) and Evan (Tommy Goodman) into something hideous!

Lightbourn is into body horror. And, viewers can see some of his disturbing creations in this exciting trailer. As well, Sleepwalkers will release throughout 2014 as the film tours several film festivals. More details on the film and the trailer are hosted below.

Release Date: 2014.

Director/writer: Ryan Lightbourn.

Producers: Aviva Christie, Tim Story, Jesse Fox, Ryan Lightbourn

Cast: Ansley Gordon, Amanda Phillips, Tommy Goodman, Ben Owen, Ben Evans.

The first official trailer for Sleepwalkers is here:

The film’s homepage:

Sleepwalkers' Homepage

The fan page:

Sleepwalkers on Facebook

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