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Its Best to Feel "Indifference" for Characters on "The Walking Dead:" A Television Review

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Director: Tricia Brock.

Writers: Robert Kirkman, and Matthew Negrete.

Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira and Chad L. Coleman.

Epis. 4 of Seas. 4 of "The Walking Dead" was titled "Indifference." This showing was directed by second time "The Walking Dead" director Tricia Brock ("Clear"), with writer Matthew Negrete adapting his first script for the show. In this episode there were a few changes. One character was shown the road and another is losing his cool. Events both outside and inside the prison are looking grim and the gloom is enhanced by the dark lighting. This episode offered at least once surprise, but "Indifference" felt very static, despite occurring outside the safety of the prison walls.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is growing impatient with Daryl's (Norman Reedus) raiding party. So, he grabs Carol (Melissa McBride) for a road trip to a nearby neighbourhood. While looting, Rick and company find two survivors hole up in an upstairs room. These latest characters seem to be more of a detriment, than a help. Soon, Rick and Carol find one of the two newbies as zombie food. Daryl's group is also struggling. They find a second vehicle, which makes their trip to a local university much shorter. However, they find a horde of the undead waiting for them in a basement lab. Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) gets a little nervous and he wants a snort of whiskey to calm his nerves. But, Daryl threatens to leave him behind. Carol is the one who is actually sent packing, when Rick leaves her alone in the zombie apocalypse. Good-bye Carol; your kid killers and a few viewers will miss you.

On a technical aspect, this watcher had some difficulty in seeing the action in all that darkness. Of course, this is a zombie apocalypse and generators have long since expired. There is a reliance on natural light. Still, it was difficult to see what was actually going on. Someone needed to open some blinds somewhere. The gloominess was especially apparent in the university sequences. Horror should be dark, but not too dark.

Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) continues to experience issues with grief and the loss of Karen. According to this reviewer's chart, Tyreese is in the second stage of grief, anger, with three to go: bargaining, depression and acceptance. Who knows what will happen if Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) passes before Tyreese returns to the prison. His anger will be amplified and no one wants to see Tyreese on anger level ten. Thankfully, Michonne (Danai Gurira) is helping Tyreese calm down, a little bit.

Viewers will have to say so long to the black widow Carol. She killed two sick and weak characters, while they were imprisoned in cells. Carol knows no mercy. She was also teaching a class of children how to stab with knives and this character seemed to be travelling into some dark territory. Rick wants her to travel there alone. After Carol encouraged two shell shocked newbies to forage on their own, Rick had had enough. Rick sends Carol packing and this probably is the best decision for the group. Though, Carol offered a fairly level head in most critical situations. Her moving on from the show was surprising to at least one viewer.

This episode relied a lot on dialogue and characterizations and the up-tempo of previous episodes was toned down significantly in "Indifference." This showing felt a little hum-drum, with only a few sequences offering any tension. Perhaps the title of this episode was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Still, the ending offered more loss as Rick tries to reconcile and protect the remaining survivors at the prison. Also, Tyreese is no longer a minor character, with his latest dilemma hampering the group's progress. As well, the previews for "Internment," Epis. 5, show another survivor succumbing to illness; so, viewers of "The Walking Dead" will want to steer clear of attachments through the rest of the season.

Overall: 6.75 out of 10 (so Bob likes to drink during zombie attacks; that is not good, Rick is starting to get a little heavy handed, it looks like hell is breaking loose back at the prison in the next episode).

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