Friday, November 01, 2013

Get Your Fix with Adam Mason's Junkie: A Preview

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Is it a zombie film? Is it a hallucination? Adam Mason's indie film Junkie is definitely an exercise in the surreal. Junkie blends genres, while offering several strange scenarios. Mason is known for his bloody work on Blood River (2009) and Pig (2010). His latest stars Robert LaSardo and Daniel Louis Rivas.

These two actors play two brothers, who have a strange social circle. Full of hookers and drug dealers, Nicky (LaSardo) and Danny (Rivas) have different views on drug use and Danny wants to break free from this self-destructive lifestyle. But, Danny's brother wants him to spiral further down the rabbit hole.

Junkie will release through video-on-demand and home entertainment formats November 12th, 2013. As well, the official artwork for the release is hosted here. Fans of the surreal can view the official trailer for Junkie below.

Release Date: November 12th, 2013 (DVD, Video-on-demand).

Director: Adam Mason.

Cast: Daniel Louis Rivas, Robert LaSardo, Andrew Howard, Tomas Boykin and Tess Panzer.

The official trailer for Junkie is here:

The film's homepage is here:

Junkie's Homepage

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