Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Take Your Meds' in this Zombific Trailer for After Effect

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Tagline: "Friends Don't Let Friends Turn into Zombies!"

David McElroy's After Effect bills itself as "28 Days Later Meets The Walking Dead." Those are some big shoes to fill. But, the official trailer for After Effect does show a few tense scenarios, in a future zombie apocalypse. After Effect stars Daniel Baldwin (Vampires), Kirk Anderson (Hoffa), Michael Chinn and Kristina Cole. This title will release through video-on-demand platforms today (Oct. 8th) and horror fans can preview the film here.

The film's story follows six college students who sign up for an experiment and some easy cash. Unfortunately for them, their luck has run out and they soon find themselves turning into the undead, after taking some untested medication.

The trailer for After Effect is below. The clip shows some of the characters succumbing to some very strange research. More release details on the film are available below.

Release Date: October 8th, 2013 (VOD).

Director: David McElroy.

Writers: David McElroy and Marc Menet.

Cast: Kirk Anderson, Daniel Baldwin, Michael Chinn, Will Clinger and Kristina Cole.

The official trailer for After Effect is here:


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