Thursday, September 26, 2013

Run The Gauntlet at Screamfest Los Angeles October 10th, 2013

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Several horror titles are set to screen at this year's Screamfest. This world-renowned film festival takes place in Los Angeles, each year. And, director Matt Eskandari's (The Taking) The Gauntlet will be in attendance. This horror thriller takes place hundreds of feet below ground and a competition begins here, to the death. Bai Ling (The Crow), Warren Kole (The Avengers), Dustin Nguyen and Jaime Ray Newman star in this chilling action feature.

The film's official synopsis alludes to the film taking place in Hell. Five strangers have awoken with no memory and no supplies deep below ground. They must fight their way out of this inhospitable location, or be trapped forever.

The Gauntlet has recently launched a trailer (hosted below). The clip shows many of the film's interesting locations and characters. Eskandari's film launches at Screamfest Oct. 10th and horror fans are encouraged to attend, this one of a kind feature.

Director: Matt Eskandari.

Writer: Adam Lawson.

Cast: Bai Ling, Warren Kole, Dustin Nguyen, Jaime Ray Newman and Jude Ciccolella.

The film's official trailer is here:

More horror films at Screamfest LA 2013:

The Gauntlet at Screamfest

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