Friday, September 27, 2013

Horror Fans Can Go 600 Feet Down in this Trailer for Ben Ketai's Beneath

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Oh, it would be nice to have a ticket to Los Angeles. Screamfest LA continues draw in some of the most interesting horror titles, for its 2013 festival run. This time, Screamfest will utilize Ben Ketai's (30 Days of Night: Dark Days) thrilling title Beneath to launch the festival October 8th, 2013. Beneath will have its World Premiere on this date. As well, the film stars Mark L. Young (We're the Millers), Jeff Fahey (Planet Terror), Joey Kern (Cabin Fever), Brent Briscoe and Kelly Noonan; a the first teaser trailer for the film has been revealed!

The clip begins normal enough, with coal miners descending below ground. But, events get tricky when the miners become trapped 600 feet down. Is there something down there with them? The final sequences suggest that a creature is also tunneling deep below ground.

Horror fans can take a look at the first teaser trailer for Beneath here, courtesy of Collider. Beneath is sure to draw a large audience into its bellows in just a few weeks.

Release Date: October 8th, 2013 (World Premiere).

Director: Ben Ketai.

Writers: Patrick Doody and Chris Valenziano.

Cast: Mark L. Young, Jeff Fahey, Joey Kern, Brent Briscoe, Eric Etebari and Kelly Noonan.

The teaser trailer for Beneath is here:

Beneath at Screamfest LA:

Beneath at Screamfest


Beneath at Collider

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