Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Demented Cause a "Car Crash" in this Movie Clip

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The Demented will be released by Anchor Bay July 30th. And, a new clip has been released for this title called "Car Crash." The clip shows several of the stars from the film, the zombies! These flesheaters chase Sharley (Sarah Butler), Taylor (Kayla Ewell), David (Richard Kohnke)and Brice (Ashlee Brian), after a terrorist attack turns a whole town into ravenous cannibals.

The clip is below and horror fans can watch as four characters try to recover from a car crash. A young girl, on the road, forces the driver into a swerve and the vehicle is overturned. Now, the injured will have to exit quickly, before the zombies dine on them. The "Car Crash" clip is below.

Release Date: July 30th, 2013 (DVD, Blu-Ray).

Director/writer: Christopher Roosevelt.

Cast: Kayla Ewell, Richard Kohnke, Ashlee Brian, Brittney Alger, Sarah Butler and Michael Welch.

The "Car Crash" clip is here:

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