Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jessica Cameron and Mem Ferda Team Up for Horror Thriller Truth or Dare

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Tagline: "It's not just a game anymore."

Actress Jessica Cameron is set to make her directorial debut in the horror feature Truth or Dare. British born actor Mem Ferda is set to produce this sensational title. And, the latest promotional material from the film has been released by Small Town Girl Productions.

The film's story revolves around six college students. They each find Internet stardom when they make shocking ‘Truth or Dare’ videos. It all starts off as harmless fun, until their number one fan decides he wants to up the stakes and play by his own rules!

Filled with violent twists and shocking confessions, nothing is ever what it seems. And,each student has something to hide…

Producer Ferda has some praise to give director Cameron: "Jessica has done a truly marvelous job directing and I’m excited to be onboard. The cast and crew are amazing!’ As well, the film's official movie poster is here, along with the film's Red Band trailer, which is below.

Director: Jessica Cameron.

Producers: Buz Wallick, Mem Ferda, Jonathan Scott Higgins, Jessica Cameron.

Editor: Brian Weber.

Cast: Devanny Pinn, Heather Dorff, Jessica Cameron, Brandon Van Vliet, and Ryan Kiser.

The Red Band trailer for the film is here:

The film's homepage is here:

The Official Truth or Dare Homepage

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