Friday, May 10, 2013

Ice Scream to Bring Bullying to the Big Screen

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Ice Scream is a thriller from Italian directors Roberto De Feo and Vito Palumbo. This title is based on a short film, which was completed in 2009. Both films deal with a real life case of bullying put to screen. And now, Ice Scream has a teaser trailer.

The reel shows Mickey (Spencer Treat Clark) pursued by local thugs. Mickey is simply trying to buy an ice-cream for his girlfriend, when he accidentally spills his dessert on Brando (Brendan Miller). Brando does not take kindly to Mickey. Soon, Brando and his buddy, Alex (Zach Cumer), are chasing Mickey into the local woods for a round of torture.

Ice Scream is currently in post production. This title will announce a release date, shortly. But, horror fans can have a look at a preview of the film below.

Directors: Roberto De Feo and Vito Palumbo.

Writers: David Castaldo, Roberto De Feo and Vito Palumbo.

Cast: Laura Harring, Wade Williams, Spencer Treat Clark, Kaili Thorne, Noell Coet, Patrick Mapel, Christian Hutcherson and Brendan Miller.

The teaser trailer for Ice Scream is here:

The film's fan page is here:

Ice Scream the Movie's Homepage

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