Friday, April 26, 2013

Preview The Ganzfeld Experiment in this Sexy Clip

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The Ganzfeld Experiment is a supernatural thriller from director Michael Oblowitz (The Breed). This film stars Ryan Donowho (Altitude), Rumer Willis (Sorority Row), Billy Zane and Dominic Purcell. And now, horror fans can check out a sexy trailer for the feature.

The clip shows four students, who set out to perform and extrasensory perception experiment. The characters seem to get sidetracked by hard drugs, sex and later: the supernatural. Then, a killer stalks this quartet and horror fans will know how this ends.

A release date for The Ganzfeld Experiment has not been confirmed. But, fans of indie thrillers can preview the film below.

Director: Michael Oblowitz.

Writers: Theodore E. Gildred III, Michael Oblowitz, and Caroline Riley.

Cast: Dianna Camacho, Taylor Cole, Ryan Donowho and Dominic Purcell.

The first trailer for The Ganzfeld Experiment is here (mature rated):


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