Tuesday, April 09, 2013

All American Zombie Drugs is a Good High: A Movie Review

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*full disclosure: a DVD screener of this film was provided by Midnight Releasing.

Director/writer: Alex Ballar.

Cast: Beau Nelson, Wolfgang Weber, Susan Graham, and Natalie Irby.

All American Zombie Drugs is a film that completed in 2010. And now, in 2013, the film will move to home theatre formats April 23rd, through Midnight Releasing. The film is a blend of comedy and horror, but the film focuses more on the laughter than the scares. All American Zombie Drugs is well acted and shot. And, the film stands out in production values, despite a smallish budget. The film will have most viewers laughing.

The story involves four drug using friends. They spend their days looking for ways to get high. The characters are also looking to make some easy money to support their habit. Sebastian (Beau Nelson), Vinny (Wolfgang Weber), Kara (Susan Graham) and Melissa (Natalie Irby) decide to buy some hard drugs from a local supplier to sell, but they get ripped off. With no other choice, this foursome sets out to create their own illegal inventory. Their mix involves used cat litter and an assortment of household products; the result is a mixed bag. Soon, Vinny is seeing the dead rise from their graves, while the others are oblivious to the undead going-ons.

All American Zombie Drugs is an excellent indie film. This title was produced for under or near 200K. Though, the film is not hampered by its budget. The acting from the characters is well done. Natalie Irby as a standoffish goth queen, is especially good. As well, Alex Ballar's shooting style utilizes lots of outside shooting. The production is not limited to a couple of interior sets as many indie films are. And, All American Zombie Drugs is a quality film.

Some of that quality comes from the well written and comedic script. Ballar keeps the focus on the characters. These characters are not overly deep, because the tone of the film is meant to be light. Many of the gags involve the misuse of drugs. For instance, the characters Vinny and Sebastian decide to drop LSD before work. They are soon rolling on the ground and Vinny is seeing undead hallucinations. Sebastian is simply happy to drive his mower around in circles. This scene will create laughter for some. Shortly after that, Vinny is seeing angels in the eyes of Melissa, the goth girl. His awestruck expressions created giggles for this viewer. The comedy in this piece is its strongest element.

Overall, All American Zombie Drugs is a must see. Fans of comedy will find a lot to enjoy in this film. Though, the horror here is limited. This production offers a few zombies near the climax. However, All American Zombie Drugs is essentially a comedy. The witty dialogue and interplay between the characters is one of the highlights of the film. The actors obviously enjoyed working together. Also, the film's light-hearted tone keeps the film entertaining. Characters die here and there, but the film continues to offer hilarity and more jokes. This title is well put together and fun to watch.

This title will release on DVD shortly and comedy fans are encouraged to pick it up. Light-hearted, well produced and hilarious, All American Zombie Drugs is a laugh out loud, good time. This film has few shortfalls (some silly scenes). And, the film offers an anti-drug message, without coming across as preachy. All American Zombie Drugs will rise from the grave soon and film fans should take notice.

Overall: 7.75 out of 10.

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