Thursday, March 14, 2013

Virginia Obscura Promises a Dark Truth this Summer

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Virginia Obscura is a slasher film from first time director Toby Osborne. This title has recently completed production and some promotional material for the film has been released: a movie poster and still.

The graphic hints at the film's premise. The tagline states: "a pinhole of light can expose the darkest secrets." That pinhole allows a minor character to see the tortuous deeds of a hurt young woman. Her mother was raped by four men and one of these men is her father. A DNA test will provide some truth and put these dark secrets to rest, forever.

As well, four move stills have been released for the film. The most interesting photo is hosted below. In the still, a killer is shown, a henchman of the young woman. View both graphics here, with Virginia Obscura set for release in the Summer of 2013.

Release Date: Summer 2013.

Director/writer: Toby Osborne.

Cast: Matt Mitler, Thomas Kovacs, Jennie Brown, Jessica Cameron and Linnea Quigley.

The film's homepage is here with production details:

Virginia Obscura's Official Website

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