Friday, March 08, 2013

The Machine Will Star Caity Lotz at This Year's Tribeca Film Festival

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How is this for a statistic? 6000 films were submitted to this year's Tribeca Film Festival and only 80 were picked to show. Caradog James' United Kingdom shot The Machine is one of those select films. Tribeca will host this film's World Premiere in April.

In the film, a second, futuristic Cold War is forcing the British government to develop a deadly weapon. This weapon is a living cyborg, whose program goes awry. And, this monster will turn on its creators! Part sci-fi and part horror, The Machine is a new take on the Frankenstein story.

Director/writer: Caradog W. James.

Cast: Toby Stephens, Sam Hazeldine, Caity Lotz and Denis Lawson.


The Machine at Tribeca

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