Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Laugh Along with this Trailer for The Sorority Party Massacre

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It has been almost a year since there has been word on Chris W. Freeman's Sorority Party Massacre. Recently, Highland Film Group has released a trailer for this sexy thriller and the clip offers a lot. The trailer does not really cover what happens in the film; instead, it would be better to ask what does the film not cover?

The film involves a sorority weekend gone wrong. On their holiday, several women are stalked and hunted by a strangely masked serial killer. A detective turns up at their resort to intervene, but the s%^^ hits the fan, instead.

The first trailer for the film hosts a lot of chaos. One of the sorority sisters turns up dead, while other characters are thrown in the drink or set in fire. Fans of comedy and horror are encouraged to watch this hilarious piece below.

Release Date: TBA.

Directors: Chris W. Freeman and Justin L. Jones.

Writer: Chris W. Freeman.

Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Ron Jeremy and Leslie Easterbrook.

The mature trailer for Sorority Party Massacre is here (nudity, language, violence):


The Sorority Party Massacre at the Highland Film Group

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