Friday, January 04, 2013

Two Brothers Are on the Run in Deep Dark Canyon

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Tagline: "Shoot, kill, run, hide."

Deep Dark Canyon is an action thriller that is set for an April 4th release. This film finds two brothers on the run from the law, after they accidentally shoot the town's mayor. Nate (Spencer Treat Clark) and Skylar (Nick Eversman) are protected by their dad, Bloom (Ted Levine), who acts as the town's Sheriff. Two families will collide when this film releases on DVD through Screen Media Films.

The film's trailer is also hosted below. In the clip, the two brothers work together to outfox an entire town of angry and murderous citizens. Have a look at the thrilling reel below.

Release Date: April 4th, 2013 (DVD).

Director/writers: Abe Levy and Silver Tree.

Cast: Ted Levine, Spencer Treat Clark, Nick Eversman, Martin Starr, Michael Bowen, Matthew Lillard, Justine Bateman, and Abraham Benrubi.

The official trailer for Deep Dark Canyon is here:

*the film's run time is 94 mins.

The fan page for the film is here:

Deep Dark Canyon on Facebook


Deep Dark Canyon at Screen Media Films

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