Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Preview Adam Tysoe's Exciting Gangland Thriller Dirty Money Here!

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Dirty Money is a thriller from director and writer Adam Tysoe. Based on true events, Dirty Money follows the highs and lows of Leo Roberts' high class lifestyle. But, the temptation of easy money, sexy escorts and extravagance threaten to pull Robert back down into a gritty reality. Roberts will need to the learn the rules of street, before they teach him a hard-hitting lesson.

This film will host an all star cast and crew. Anthony Welsh is set to play Roberts, while Elsa Mollien will play Nadia Melgueira. Also starring, British actor Mem Ferda will play Ilir Duka, a gangland enforcer. Ferda says of his exciting experiences on the set of Dirty Money that "working with Adam (director) and Debbie (producer) was like receiving a jolt of electricity. They are both dynamic, remarkably fresh with ideas and truly wonderful to work with." Dirty Money is a powerful film with an excellent cast that will entertain thriller fans in 2013. The film's concept poster is listed above with a test shoot hosted below.

Release Date: 2013.

Director/writer: Adam Tysoe.

Producer: Debbie Shuter of Insight films.

Cast: Anthony Welsh, Elsa Mollien, Mem Ferda, Max Wrottesley, Zephryn Taitte, Philip Rosch, Sophie Anderson and Chloe Farnworth

An early test shoot is listed here. This video is meant to reveal the settings from the film, while showing the film's mood:

Adam Tysoe's Concept Trailer

More details on Dirty Money will be posted on Adam Tysoe's website here:

Adam Tysoe's Blog

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