Monday, January 14, 2013

Hallucinations Abound in Paul Soter's Dark Circles: First Trailer

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Dark Circles is a psychological thriller being developed by After Dark Films. This title deals with a newlywed couple who move into a 19th Century farmhouse. A presence waits for them there. Then, Alex (Jonathan Schaech) and Penny (Pell James) must contend with sleep deprivation as their child keeps them awake at night and construction keeps them from sleeping during the day. Dark circles appear around their eyes, while a demon pursues them through their new home.

The first trailer for Dark Circles is now available. Horror fans can see Alex and Penny struggle with their new responsibilities and a possible supernatural force. View the clip below.

Release Date: 2013.

Director/writer: Paul Soter.

Cast: Pell James, Jonathan Schaech, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Andrea Frankle and Michael Patrick Rogers.

The first trailer for Dark Circles is here:


Dark Circles at Upcoming Horror Movies

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