Monday, January 21, 2013

Devils of War to Bring the Occult in 2013

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Tagline: "Get ready to raise hell!"

Eli Dorsey's Devils of War is only revealing a couple of details. This horror title is currently in post-production and this film is expected to complete in 2013. The short plot tells tales of Nazi experimentation, kidnapping and a "demon army."

An early film poster is also available for this title. The graphic shows one demon overshadowing a small group of G.I.s. The bottom of the graphic alludes to doom and death as seen in the many skulls. Evil rules the day in this concept poster. More details on this title will be announced as they become available.

Director: Eli Dorsey.

Cast: Jerry Buxbaum, Richard Gramwood, Jammin Watson, and Lawrence Martin.

*being developed by Archstone Distribution.


Devils of War at The Film Catalogue

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