Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ghostquake is Ready to Make the United Kingdom Shake with Laughter

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Ghostquake was previously titled Haunted High. This film made its debut on the SyFy Network August 25th. Now, Signature Entertainment will repackage and distribute this title on DVD in the United Kingdom January 21st.

The film follows a vengeful ghost of a former principal in a high school. Students are tormented by overflowing toilets, librarians are attacked by book shelf spritis and characters have to run up steep staircases to get away from supernatural forces! Only the janitor (Danny Trejo) can save the day.

The film has received some fairly scathing reviews. Felix Vasquez Jr. says of the film's quality: "they [students] are all here to be about as moronic as possible in one of the least scary movies I've ever seen." Apparently, the classmates are simply fodder. Brian Collins at Horror Movie A Day is a little kinder when talking about the film's mood: "the tone is also strange, in that I couldn't tell who they were making the movie for." Director Jeffery Scott Lando (Thirst) likely knew he was making a movie for SyFy viewers, so he would not have to try too hard. Overall, the reviews and critiques of Ghostquake have been less than stellar.

Fans of b-movies can view the film's updated trailer and poster here, to judge the film's quality for themselves.

Release Date: January 21st, 2013 (DVD).

Director: Jeffery Scott Lando.

Writers: Paul A. Birkett and Anthony C. Ferrante.

Cast: M.C. Gainey, Lauren Pennington, Shawn C. Phillips, Jonathan Baron, Gabe Begneaud, Charisma Carpenter, Marc Donato and Sergio Figueroa.

The film's official trailer is here:

Ghostquake at Signature Ent.:

Ghostquake Release Details at Signature Ent.

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