Friday, December 21, 2012

Director Hunter G. Williams Releases a Second Trailer for The Whispering Dead

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Busted Knuckle Productions continues to develop their thriller The Whispering Dead. This title is currently in post-production and director Hunter G. Williams has let 28DLA know that the film is currently in negotiations with distributors. A release date is sure to be announced soon! As well, the film has had over 19 special effects shots added to the feature. And, a new trailer shows some of these enhancements.

The second trailer for The Whispering Dead is below. In the clip, horror fans can preview the "Ghost Girl." She rises from a darkened hallway and she transforms into something demonic, when other characters are nearby. Preview the latest trailer for The Whispering Dead below, along with an exclusive clip highlighting "Ghost Girl."

Release Date: Q2 or Q3 of 2013.

Director: Hunter G. Williams.

Writers: Hunter G. Williams and Scott Michael Campbell.

Cast: Chris Hayes, Jeff Stearns and Becka Adams.

The film's second trailer is hosted here:

The "Ghost Girl" clip is here:

The film's fan page is here:

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