Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pusher Actor Mem Ferda Makes a Comedic Cameo in Gridiron UK

Universal Pictures will distribute the British comedy Gridiron UK starring Mem Ferda. Ferda (Pusher) plays the character Sidekick and he says of his role "this is my first ever comedy feature film in sixteen years. It is exciting to be a part of it. It is a very funny script and a unique idea so I wanted to be involved as a co-producer as well as doing a cameo role within the film." Ferda is mostly known for playing enforcers in action roles in such films as The Devil's Double and The Veteran. This role will be a tongue-in-cheek stretch for this UK based actor.

The true story of Gridiron UK involves the creation of an American football team in Crewe, England! Set in 1985, this title is about one man's dream to bring American football to England. Unfortunately, Derek (Michael Dixon) has no idea how to do this. Derek has no idea how to manage a team, the coach has never played football, the team physiotherapist knows little about sports injuries and the cheerleaders seem lost on the sidelines. Gridiron UK is the hilarious attempt to bring all of these elements together and for Derek to finally succeed at something he truly believes in.

Release Date: Spring 2013.

Director: Gary Delaney.

Producers:Gary Delaney, Philip Taylor and Mem Ferda.

Executive producers:Colin Cook, Gareth Jones, David Soul and Guy Robbins.

Cast: Michael Dixon, Mem Ferda, Rebecca Pitkin, Paul Nicholas, Andrew Harwood Mills and Dorsey Levens.

*a trailer is coming.

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