Monday, October 01, 2012

Watch Webisode 1 of "The Walking Dead" Titled "Cold Storage: Hide and Seek" Right Here!

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Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" is drawing closer to its premiere date, October 14th. There are less than two weeks to wait. In the meantime, writers Greg Nicotero and John Esposito have put together 4 webisodes for this new season of the show. In the short clips, titled "Hide and Seek," "Keys to the Kingdom," "The Chosen Ones," and "Parting Shots," character Chase finds temporary solace from the undead in a storage facility. But, a maniac and former employee still haunts the building's walls. Who will survive?

Have a look at the reels for the "Cold Storage" series of webisodes with the first showing hosted below.

Writers: Greg Nicotero and John Esposito.

Cast: Josh Stewart, Daniel Robuck, and Cerina Vincent.

The first episode is hosted here:

*the “Walking Dead” webisodes earned the inaugural Writers Guild of America award earlier this year for outstanding achievement in writing derivative new media (AMC).

Episodes 2-4 can be found at the AMC:

Episodes 2-4 at the AMC

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