Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Try Not to Get Stuck in this First Trailer for Crawlspace

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The Australian shot sci-fi thriller Crawlspace will highlight the Los Angeles Screamfest Film Festival October 18th. Recently, the first trailer for this film was released. The clip shows a lot of gunfire and a rescue team trying to extract an underground science team. Something has gone very wrong at this research facility.

Pine Gap is an actual research and communication center for the Australian Forces. Pine Gap tracks satellites and other communication relays. So, director Justin Dix is basing some of his story on fact. Enjoy some of his fiction below.

Director: Justin Dix.

Writers: Eddie Baroo, Justin Dix, and Adam Patrick Foster.

Cast: Peta Sergeant, Nicholas Bell, Amber Clayton, John Brumpton, David Whiteley, and Samuel Johnson.

The first trailer for Crawlspace is here:

The film's fan page:

Crawlspace on Facebook


Crawlspace at Quiet Earth

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