Thursday, October 04, 2012

Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith Reunite in 44FLOOD's "LUST!"

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The creative arts collective 44FLOOD (Ben Templesmith, Menton3, Kasra Ghanbari, and Nick Idell) formed early this year and they have managed to quite literally sweep the world away with a release called "TOME." Fellow comic book creators, artists, illustrators and musicians contributed to their successful Kickstarter product. This annual anthology showcases a variety of talents as they explore a single theme in a 12x18” book that is presented in 180 pages.

The first volume explored the theme of Vampirism, and depending on what dollar amount has been pledged, some items are already shipping and others to be packaged and sent out just in time for Christmas. The perks to contributing to this product include original works of art or sculptures, which are dependent on the dollar amount sent.

If newcomers to this style of marketing have missed out, this group’s latest effort, "LUST" is now listed. This item will contain prose, comic style and gallery art that Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, and Menton3 will create. The contents are described to feature “an interplay of virtue and vice.”

This volume will mark a reunion of sorts. Since producing "30 Days of Night," Niles and Templesmith have not done much work together. Together and with Menton3, their fusion of ideas and artwork may certainly mark this collection as one to own even more than the first volume. And perhaps, for future editions, 44FLOOD may consider exploring the themes associated with the study of the literary vampires, if the first book was a suggested indication of a direction for the group. "LUST" traditionally goes hand-in-hand with this creature of the night. What might be next can either be "ABANDON," "IMMORTALITY" or even "DECAY" as a content title.

The possibilities are endless. But for "LUST," this new project is being offered direct to fans because a large body of the content will be considered unsuitable to the industry at large. If the surreal photographic imagery from German artist Hans Bellmer was deemed odd as a product of its time, the 30's, 44TOME is sure to transcend any fetishization that the works of Bellmer engrained upon the minds of art critics.

Depending on the amount pledged, fans could either get an exclusive surreal looking “Chastity Tarot” card print or an original piece of artwork like “A Little Wider” that is exclusive those who can contribute in the triple digits. In a tight economy where spending is not easy, even fans must remember these artists are working hard to "LIVE" out their "DREAMS" too. Perhaps those are themes to be explored in future collaborations.

To learn more about this group, please visit:

44Flood's Homepage

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44Flood on Kickstarter

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