Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Face the Darkness in this First Trailer for Trevor Juenger's Coyote

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Coyote is an indie horror title from director Trevor Juenger. In the film, the character Bill (Bill Oberst Jr.) descends into madness. Bill acts strangely and he voices his inner turmoil and false beliefs because of mental illness. Very surreal, Coyote is an arthouse pic' that will entertain fans of the darkly bizarre.

In the film's first trailer, Bill seems to rant and rave as he interacts with a handful of other characters. One girl deliciously sucks on Bill's thumb? Another character wants to hear Bill, a writer, tell a macabre story. Juenger's style of filmmaking and creation of characters really brings out the darker parts of cinema in this early reel. Have a look below.

Director/writer: Trevor Juenger.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Joe Hammerstone, Victoria Mullen, Bill Finkbiner, Shawn I. Chevalier and Heather Schlitt.

The trailer for Coyote is here:

The film's fan page is here:

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