Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get Set for It's in the Blood October 26th!

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Tagline: "You can't escape the wilderness within."

It's in the Blood is a psychological drama starring Lance Henriksen and Sean Elliott. This is a father and son piece that takes place in some backwoods. Characters begin to break down when Russell, the father, is injured. Ghostly elements come out of the woods and reality blurs. What is really happening?

Fans of the mystical can find out October 26th when this film releases on video-on-demand. Those interested can take a look at the film's chilling trailer below.

Release Date: October 26th (Video-on-demand).

Director: Scooter Downey.

Writers/producers: Sean Elliot and Scooter Downey.

Executive producer: Bill Heumann.

Cast: Lance Henriksen, Sean Elliot, Rose Sirna, and Jimmy Gonzalez.

The film's trailer is here:

*this film has already won several awards including: Awards Best Picture, Grand Jury Prize, Audience Choice Award, and Best Actor (New Jersey Film Festival).

The film's homepage is here:

The It's In the Blood Homepage

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