Friday, September 21, 2012

Early Reviews of Luis Prieto's Pusher Tell Tales of Believable Action

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Pusher is director Luis Pietro's remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's film of the same name. This title is scheduled for release on video-on-demand September 28th and in theatres October 26th. Early reviews at Toronto's International Film Festival have noted the compelling nature of the film: "the movie certainly draws one in." That sounds like a good start.

This review also compared the film with some of Guy Ritchie's earlier works. However, the film is receiving some praise as Richard Coyle portrays a believable drug runner. Also, actor Mem Ferda is also described in a positive light as a drug henchman with a penchant for violence "Mem Ferda’s [has a] sublime turn as enforcer Hakan?" Fans excited for this gangland thriller can peruse an early review of Pusher below.

Release Date: September 28th (Video-on-demand) October 26th (Theatical, UK).

Director: Luis Prieto.

Writer: Matthew Read.

Cast: Mem Ferda, Agyness Deyn, Richard Coyle and Bronson Webb.

The film's official trailer is here:

Pusher at Apple Trailers


Review of Pusher at the National Post

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