Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Key Opens with a Mysterious Trailer

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Tagline: "Resist it."

Key is a new film from Osiris Entertainment and it is a bit of a mystery. The film's story involves an autopsy and a strange object found inside a deceased person. What does this key lead to?

That answer can only be guessed at. There are some supernatural elements incorporated into Key as seen in the trailer. So, perhaps this object opens a ghostly dimension. Those looking for more answers will have to wait until September 26th when Key is released on DVD. Fans of mystery can investigate the trailer below.

Release Date: September 26th (DVD).

Director: Rob Hamilton.

Writers: Rob Hamilton and A.J. Hordijk.

Cast: Sam Forrest, Steve Brian, Noah James Butler, Farah Lavassani, Peter McGlynn, Arthur Richardson, Nathan Sapsford, and George Lionel Savage.

The trailer for Key is here:

Key's fan page:

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Key at Osiris Entertainment

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