Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bullets Fly in this First Trailer for Tower Block

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Tower Block is the latest United Kingdom produced thriller to take place in greying tenement. Unlike Attack the Block, there are no aliens here. Instead, there is a vengeful killer who has targeted fifteen witnesses of a previous murder. You see, none of the witnesses offered reports to police after seeing a gruesome murder. Now someone is targetting them for their indiscretions.

The first trailer for Tower Block is now available. The reel shows a mysterious sniper seeking out the witnesses. A booby trap or bullet seems to wait behind every corner.

This title will release in the United Kingdom in theatres beginning September 21st. Already receiving awards (Film4 Frightfest), this title seems to offer a moral lesson on what can happen when people choose to do nothing.

Release Date: September 21st (UK, Theatrical).

Directors: Ronnie Thompson, and James Nunn.

Writter: James Moran.

Cast: Sheridan Smith, Jack O’Connell, Russell Tovey, Kano and Ralph Brown.

The first trailer for Tower Block is here courtesy of IGN:

The film's fan page is here:

Tower Block on Facebook


Shock Till you Drop. Article. 28 August 2012.

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