Friday, August 10, 2012

Decipher this Trailer for Zsolt Bács' The Child: A Preview

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Tagline: "I'm Simon - I'm ten years old - I'm a serial killer..."

The Child, or Das Kind for Germans, is a psychological thriller set for release this October (Germany only). The film stars Eric Roberts as a lawyer sent to meet a murderous young man, Simon (Christian Traeumer). Simon takes Stern on a tour of the local estate. This visit involves crypts and mummified bodies. And, Stern soon begins to realize that he might have been sent to this isolated locale for murderous reasons.

The Child is an English language film that has recently been completed. A trailer is hosted below, but this clip is dialogued in German. Have a laugh as actors Roberts and Peter Greene deliver lines in a foreign language. Distribution in North America has not been secured. And, an English language trailer will be posted once it becomes available.

Release Date: October 18th (Theatrical).

Director: Zsolt Bács.

Writer: Sebastian Fitzek.

Cast: Eric Roberts, Ben Becker, Peter Greene, Sunny Mabrey, Christian Traeumer, and Dieter Hallervorden.

The trailer for The Child is here:

*based on the bestselling novel by Sebastian Fitzek The Child

The film's homepage is listed here:

The Child's Official Website


The Child at Stealth Media Group

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