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Some Guy Who Kills People and Complexity: A Movie Review

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*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by writer Ryan A. Levin.

Director: Jack Perez.

Writer: Ryan A. Levin.

Cast: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Leo Fitzpatrick, Ariel Gade, Eric Price, Lucy Davis, and Lou Beatty Jr.

Some Guy Who Kills People is a successful film primarily for combining so many genres. Genres noted by this reviewer included: comedy, horror, revenge thriller, romance and family. It is hard for some filmmakers to nail one genre. Writer Ryan A. Levin, director Jack Perez and the rest of the crew bring six genres to life. There are a lot of layers here. There is also a lot of murder. Part serial killer film, Some Guy Who Kills People is more about the humanness of relationships and the struggles inherently therein.

The story follows Kenny (Kevin Corrigan). He has recently been released from a psychiatric ward for depression and suicidal tendencies. Kenny returns to his job with his buddy Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick). At this point, the story explores many sub-plots. Kenny meets his daughter for the first time, locals are murdered in grisly fashion, the local sheriff (Barry Bostwick) begins dating Kenny's mom and a bubbly Brit' pops onto the radar. There are many relationships to follow in this film and a lot of conflict, as well.

And the believable portrayal of those connections is what makes the film such a delight. Karen Black plays Ruth, Kenny's domineering mother. She has Kenny's best interests at heart, but she belittles him at every chance. The relationships are complicated. Kenny is the prime suspect in a series of gory murders. The local sheriff, Walt, is following Kenny's movements while slathering his mother with erotic oils. You can see the disdain in Corrigan's performance.

Other minor characters are just as important. Amy (Ariel Gade) is a bright girl and she is also Kenny's daughter. She has a connection with her father. Both have been bullied by their peers. Together they find some strength. As well, Stephanie is searching for love after a brutal divorce. Kenny seems like a strange choice for her affections, but both characters have baggage. And in these many faults, a charm can be found.

Equally charming is the film's plot structure. There are just so many plots and genres being interwoven in this picture that the story begins to shine. The writing is diverse and the story will appeal to many viewers. Scenes are held for a short period of time, but there is a lot of material here to cover. That material is covered in expert fashion.

Some Guy Who Kills People gets many film elements right. From the story to the pacing, every piece of the cinematic puzzle comes together in an efficient manner. The acting from all of the cast is solid with Bostwick offering much of the comedy in this picture through his one-liners. When the sheriff approaches a victim with a hatchet in his head, he responds: "I have a splitting headache." Many of the laughs came from Bostwick's great lines, or his ad-libbed dialogue. There is also a late character reveal that will leave most viewers surprised. That reveal is just too good to spoil here.

There is a lot to like in this film. From film production to storytelling, there are many elements to admire in this indie film. There are many genres to follow. Viewers who enjoy complex plot structures will enjoy this film. The relationships are human and real while the finale creates for at least one surprise. Fans of film should see this picture now on DVD.

*Some Guy Who Kills People released on DVD July 3rd.

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