Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fighting the Darkness in After: First Trailer

The trailer for After is mystifying. The film's first trailer shows a black fog that threatens two characters: Freddy (Steven Strait) and Ana (Karolina Wydra). The darkness encroaches on the small town in which they are now trapped. What is the mist? And, is the narrative something from one of the character's nightmares?

It is too early to tell, but fans of mystery will want to take a look at the reel below. In the clip, Freddy and Ana look for a way out of township of Pearl. The enclosing mist is moving so fast that they only have a matter of hours to find escape. As well, something is stalking these characters. Booms from behind a door are definitely created by a monstrous being, of some sort. Have a look at the film's first official trailer below.

Release Date: September 12th (Theatres).

Director: Ryan Smith.

Writers: Jason Parish, and Ryan Smith.

Cast: Steven Strait, Karolina Wydra, Madison Lintz, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Ric Reitz, and Jackson Walker.

The trailer for After is here:

The film's fan page is here:

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